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다혜의 이유식 첫날
엄마..너무 맛있어요~~
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Due to numerous cultural elements that a specific to a place or territory, a game that looks perfectly acceptable in one place could be rejected in another. This is a good reason to thin that video game localization - unlike mere translation- is necessary for computer and consoles games.

However these facts raise an important questions: when does the "localization" of content stop being "localization" and turn into full-on "censorship"? And is that something one should accept?

As a recent example, let's see how Yakuza 3 on PS3 was adapted for the US territory. A lot of gamers complained because some scenes and important elements of the games where changed when the game made it to US.

It was certainly a disappointment for gamers who expected to have the same game as the Japanese one after reading reviews and news in video game magazines or forums.

Most of gamers are reasonable adults who just want to enjoy the game as it is, instead of playing an edited, censored version of it. So please, developers, think of gamers first when you are localizing your games.

Video game translation should be given more consideration, and before censoring, developers should rather listen to their gamers at first.

nigoniveviart (2010/11/30 12:20:19)

Because of innumerable region, territory or country cultural specific reasons, a video game which is considered perfectly acceptable in one region can be criticized as unacceptable once released in a new territory. This is one of the reasons why video game localization - unlike mere translation- is necessary for video games.

That said, these facts raise an important questions: when does localization cross the line of censorship? Should gamers accept this?

I will show you a simple example, I'll use the newest installment in the Yakuza series. Yakuza 3 - an imported Japanese PlayStation game - was recently released in the US. A lot of gamers complained because some scenes and important elements of the games where changed when the game made it to US.

I assume that someone purchasing the third installment in a game series would normally have a pretty good idea as to what kind of content they were getting into, especially with a series such as Yakuza, which is relatively well-known. The games even receive ratings similar to films, giving the consumer an even better idea of what the game in question contains.

Most of gamers are reasonable adults who just want to enjoy the game as it is, instead of playing an edited, censored version of it. So please, developers, think of gamers first when you are localizing your games.

Video game translation shall always be respectful of gamers.

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Just saying hello! I am new here, maybe i'll learn some stuff and meet some people here.
I spend my time mostly on computers, so am left with a lot of time for forums

Thanks, Laterz
VajazzleJayne (2010/12/30 16:36:59)

Just Thought i'd say hi! I am new to this site, hope to broaden my horzons and make some freinds here.
I work mostly on computers, so have loads of time for forums

Thanks, Bye
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If you think some of this looks to generally be intrusive and nosy, remember that the opportunity lenders making the effort to protect not just their interests but also yours. It isn't from the interests of either party which you handle financing you should not afford.

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Car lease can figure very simply should you be wealthy - you only write down a cheque or policy for a bank transfer! However, for the majority individuals of more modest means, car lease may be about finding someone that will likely be capable of allow us by lending us some cash. However, prior to getting started around the methods, why don't we think for a second as to what you will must bring to the table.

Personal characteristics

You may in addition face the truth that typically lenders should see that you might be:

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If you feel many of this looks for being intrusive and nosy, keep in mind the possible lenders attempt to protect not only their interests but also yours. It's not necessarily inside the interests of either party that you simply tackle financing you can not afford.

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You typically should have quite a few avenues open to you:

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* cards;
* specialist vehicle finance operations.

It's going to be for you to decide to make a decision which route would be the appropriate but below are a few stuff could possibly be necessary to take into account:

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Two several years ago, was http://quizilla.teennick.com/stories/19436415/the-five-worst-items-of-assistance-for-fat-reduction raped and killed the Wang Jiafei only 19 decades aged, was brutally killed the royal red just three several years aged. Killer Li Changkui now 29 years aged. He was Zhaotong Town Intermediate People's Court of intentional murder, rape, sentenced to loss of life, but not too long ago the Yunnan Provincial Larger People's Court of Ultimate Appeal ruling was commuted to "the loss of life penalty, suspended for 2 years." To get a time, public opinion agitated, which the legislation shouldn't be given this kind of a cruel man or woman, "from http://www.gather.com/viewArticle.action?articleId=281474979623373 loss of life card."
To eliminate or not kill? That is a problem. In the latest days, across the "death penalty" and "reprieve", you will discover previously as well quite a few policies and legal norms to the dying penalty representation is lay out, most of the specialists explained, the law also clearly demonstrated the existence of ambiguity in certain places of "flexible." Conceivably due to this, the Yunnan Provincial High Court in reaction to public doubt, will confidently have out "compliance program" in the cover, that upheld the original sentence reprieve is completed in accordance into the treatment, there exists a foundation for legislation and criminal coverage.
"Program" is indeed an exceptionally persuasive words, if adopted through the term right into a "procedural justice", it is estimated it's straightforward for many who hold their mouths shut problem. Having said that, if relaxed down and give thought to the many public activities in the "process" and "results", I am frightened the public heart overflows will play a unspeakable bitterness, and that is why the judicial energy of course set a "procedural justice", the public can not be perceived not less than a "just result" signify? Such as the present-day Li Changkui situation.
In this instance, my view is that this "procedural justice" itself is often questionable. Put basically, is really a "program" not "justice." So long as the stock in the facts of like scenarios, it's not difficult to obtain, several so-called "process", but that is the ability of telling their very own stories, there's not subject to public supervision, and in some cases which is bogus production "process."
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There are no less than providing the human individual, the encounter of Li Changkui severe cruelty, the heart can have a pure judge, assume of "heinous," "heinous crime" these words to explain him, is not as prior to. Naturally, this sort of psychological feelings to the typical public, some so-called elite disapproval of your rule of legislation. They will have more legal concepts, Chen was totally based upon court methods, to talk at length regarding the legitimacy in the ruling Li Changkui reprieve, to refute the truculent public viewpoint. Yunnan Province, vice president of discipline right into a high and even divert He Weifang phrases, emphasis on "Carnival of the way the public can't be sentenced to loss of life a man" as a way to display commuted "reprieve" rational. The challenge is a modest amount of legal rational authority, public belief is really not capable to disprove typical rational? Too quite a few turns, the utmost value of today's viewpoint, is exactly the knowledge and rationality. Opposite to widespread expectations that the verdict of public view, normally will not likely meet "the final results of justice."
"Procedural justice" is unquestionably a superb factor. Nonetheless, the power was not staying supervised kidnapping and open the "program", but may not be one thing challenging to have justice. In this context, maximizing the outcomes of justice, will be the beneficial point. Public questioned Li Changkui circumstance, following all, isn't see the actual extent of justice, justice is full of fishes end result of hunger additional powerful. Within this sense, it was commuted Li Changkui reprieve, the truth is, can be a prevalent public belief will be the consequence of the fall confront justice, in order that public opinion is challenging to return to some rational level.http://calorieplace340.blinkweb.com/1/2011/07/worst-weight-reduction-ideas-i-actually-heard-4c21f/
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Carney said all agree a debt default must be avoided, adding that Mr. Obama would consider a very short term agreement to raise the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling, but only if leaders had already struck a bargain for a broader package.
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A number of liberals as well as republicans assume he is simply too hard-nosed to be actually nominated as president, even so it is within my own opinion that he could be what our nation is looking for. The congressman these days resides in Columbus, exactly where he came into this world, with his spouse Karen. Both of them have got three children one whom is studying at Perdue. They persistently go to an Evangelical local church.
If the regulation had been introduced it would have brought down ground-level ozone concentrations - one of the main reasons for smog that cause asthma and other breathing problems in humans. Smog is generated from emissions made by cars, power as well as chemical plants, factories and refineries, combining with the rays of the sun and heat.
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